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Más gente que nunca antes en la historia está de compras online.In este artículo, vamos a echar un vistazo a las ventajas de las compras en línea, y los beneficios de la compra de artículos en la Web.

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18 mayo, 2017 (20:07) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Zarrowboneh (persiska: زَربُنِه, زرّوبنه) är en ort i Iran Paul Frank Shoes Women. Den ligger i provinsen Kurdistan, i den nordvästra delen av landet, 500 km väster om huvudstaden Teheran. Zarrowboneh ligger 1 266 meter över havet och antalet invånare är 144.

Terrängen runt Zarrowboneh är kuperad åt nordost, men åt sydväst är den bergig. Zarrowboneh ligger nere i en dal. Runt Zarrowboneh är det ganska tätbefolkat, med 93 invånare per kvadratkilometer. Närmaste större samhälle är Bāneh, 16 lint shaver for clothes,2 km öster om Zarrowboneh. Trakten runt Zarrowboneh består i huvudsak av gräsmarker how do i tenderize meat. I trakten runt Zarrowboneh finns ovanligt många namngivna berg.

Medelhavsklimat råder i trakten. Årsmedeltemperaturen i trakten är 16 °C. Den varmaste månaden är juli, då medeltemperaturen är 32 °C, och den kallaste är januari, med -2 °C. Genomsnittlig årsnederbörd är 731 millimeter. Den regnigaste månaden är november, med i genomsnitt 150 mm nederbörd, och den torraste är september, med 1 mm nederbörd.

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NBC Sports Group

18 mayo, 2017 (09:28) | Sin categoría | By: admin

NBC Sports Group is a division of NBCUniversal that is responsible for NBC Sports’ media properties, encompassing the NBC television network’s sports division as well as day-to-day operation of the company’s sports-oriented cable networks and other properties such as NBC Sports Radio.

The unit was formed when Comcast transferred the operations of the properties in its existing Comcast Sports Group unit – which included the regional sports network chain Comcast SportsNet, Versus and Golf Channel, after the company’s acquisition of a majority share in NBCUniversal in February 2011. Plans originally called for the Comcast SportsNet channels to be rebranded under the NBC Sports banner as well, however these plans have since been shelved. However, the networks would adopt some graphical elements from the new NBC Sports design. Mark Lazarus, formerly the head of Turner Entertainment Group, was named President, NBC Sports Cable Group. Comcast Sports Group president Jon Litner assumed the role of president of VERSUS and SportsNet, while the Golf Channel got its own president in former NBC Sports executive vice president Mike McCarley. A president of programming at NBC Sports and Versus was named John Miller, executive vice president, NBC Sports. Dick Ebersol continued as NBC Sports Group Chairman.

In May 2011, Lazarus took over for Ebersol as chairman of the group. The group made a few big rights deal since then adding an extension to its Olympic contract from 2014 out to 2020, Major League Soccer and renewed PGA Tour and “Sunday Night Football”. In June 2011, NBC Sports Group purchased back the Alli Sports share held by MTV Networks Music Group in June 2011 and previously sold by NBC Sports to them in 2008. On January 1, 2012 fluff ball remover, Versus was renamed NBC Sports Network.

On March 18, 2013 sparkle football jerseys, nearly all of the operations for NBC Sports and NBCSN began to be based out of a purpose-built facility in Stamford, Connecticut. The move was made mainly to take advantage of tax credits given by the state of Connecticut, which NBC has taken advantage of previously with the daytime talk shows of its sister broadcast syndication division.

Telemundo Deportes, a dedicated Hispanic sports production unit, was also announced by Joe Uva, Chairman of NBCUniversal Hispanic Group, and chairman Mark Lazarus at May 2015 Upfronts. Telemundo Deportes was also in process of moving to the NBC Sports Group facility in Stamford.

NBC Sports Group formed NBC Sports Films in 2015 for long form sports documentaries for the sports group’s platforms. The first film was Center of Attention: The Unreal Life of Derek Sanderson which was broadcast on NBC Sports Network June 8 after the Stanley Cup Final Game 3.

On October 22, 2015 water tumbler glass, it was announced that Universal Sports Network would close down on November 16, 2015, and that NBC Sports would inherit the network’s portfolio of sports rights for its own networks and channels. The Group launched two channels just for the 2016 Olympic games, NBC Olympic Basketball and NBC Olympic Soccer.

NBC Sports streaming technology unit will become a standalone unit within the group per an April 2016 report by Sports Business Daily. The unit’s first client is reported as the upcoming Olympic Channel. The unit and service was named Playmaker Media in May 2016 and exists within NBC Sports Digital. NBC News is expected to use Playmaker for the 2016 general election.

In June 2016, the group launched the NBC Sports Gold, an over-the-top streaming service. It debuted with a Cycling Pass, featuring several UCI road cycling races. In April 2017, a Track and Field Pass was launched, featuring IAAF and USA Track & Field meetings, a Rugby Pass featuring Premiership Rugby, and a Pro Motocross Pass featuring the AMA Motocross Championship. The service is available on the website, and through apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. All passes except the Pro Motocross Pass are only available in the United States.

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Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi

18 mayo, 2017 (07:16) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi (Black currant nematode, Chrysanthemum foliar nematode, Chrysanthemum leaf nematode, Chrysanthemum nematode, Chrysanthemum Foliar eelworm) is a plant pathogenic nematode. It was first scientifically described in 1890 in England. This nematode has a wide host range. Among the most important species affected are Chrysanthemums and strawberries. A. ritzemabosi is a migratory foliar feeding nematode. It can feed both ectoparasitically and endoparasitically, with the later causing the most significant damage. When adequate moisture is present, this nematode enters the leaves and feeds from inside the tissue. Typical damage is characterized by necrotic zones between the veins of the leaves. Its lifecycle is short; only ten days from egg to mature adult. A single female can lay as many as 3,500 eggs. This pest can be difficult to control. Host plant resistance, hot water treatments, and predatory mites are recommended.

First described in England in 1890, it was given the name Aphelenchus olesistus by Ritzema-Bos in 1893. In 1908, Markinowski grouped A. olesisyus, A. fragariae, and A. omerodis under the common name A. omerodis. A. olesistus was recognized as an individual species and given the current name Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi by Schwartz in 1911. This species may also be known by the following synonyms: Aphelenchus ritzemabosi Schwartz 1911, Pathoaphelenchus ritzemabosi (Schwartz 1911), Steiner 1932, Aphelenchoides (Chitinoaphelenchus) ritzemabosi (Schwartz 1911) Fuchs 1937, Pseudaphelenchoides ritzemabosi (Schwartz 1911) Drozdovski 1967, Tylenchus ribes Taylor 1917, Aphelenchus ribes (Taylor 1917) Goodey 1932, Aphelenchoides ribes (Taylor 1917) Goodey 1933, Aphelenchus phyllophagus Stewart 1921

Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi ranges in length from 0.7 to 1 glass bottles.2 mm with the females of the species having the potential to be slightly longer than the males. Male A. ritzemabosi are often wider than females. The head is sharply differentiated from the body in that it is noticeably wider than the neck. This nematode has four lateral incisures. Females have at least two rows of oocytes and the spicule on the male nematodes is a short ventral process without outgrowths.

A. ritezmabosi has a wide host range of almost 200 plant species, and is an important disease in chrysanthemum and other ornamentals. Other ornamental hosts of A. ritzemabosi are anemones, asters, carnations, Chinaster, cinerarias, coneflowers, crassulas, creeping bellflower, dahlias, delphiniums, elders, lupines, monkeyflower, phlox, pouchflower, rhododendrons, sages, Siberian wallflower, water peperomia, and zinnias. A common symptom of A. ritezmabosi is seen when the nematode is feeding in the foliar tissue. Angular lesions are formed, which are chlorotic at first then turn necrotic as the feeding persists. A sign that an A. ritzeambosi nematode is feeding in the bud of a plant is brown scars on the bud and surrounding tissue. The nematode also produces secretions that have the ability to cause several other symptoms in infested plants including shortening of inter-nodes, creating a bushy appearance, browning and failure of the shoot to grow, as well as distorted leaf formation.

A. ritzemabosi is an endoparasitic nematode, meaning that it feeds on plant tissue from the inside of the cell. Adult nematodes infest the leaves of their host plant by swimming up the outside of the stem in a film of water electric meat tenderizer home. This can only happen when the relative humidity is very high. Once it has reached a leaf it enters through the stomata to begin feeding in an endoparasitic fashion. Once inside the host it is capable of invading and infecting host tissue at all life stages, other than the egg. The more mature stages show an improved ability to migrate through host tissue.[3] When the growing season of the host comes to an end the nematode goes into a quiescent state overwintering inside the leaf tissue. When spring comes they end their quiescent state then find and infest a new host.

A. ritzeambosi is also capable of feeding ectoparasitically, from the outside of the cell. It has been known to feed ectoparasitically on the buds of some plants such as strawberry and black currants. Above ground ectoparasitic feeding can only happen in events of prolonged high humidity or other circumstances providing a long term film of water on the plant which protects the nematode from exposure. Ectoparasitic feeding also happens on the roots in the soil. All of this happens in an extremely short amount of time, it takes around 10 days for A. ritzembosi to go from egg to adult. All life stages are vermiform and migratory. [5]

Studies have shown that in optimal conditions a single female A. ritzemabosi can produce up to thousands of offspring in the period of about a month. French & Barraclough (1961) obtained a maximum number of 3,500 progeny from a single A. ritzemabosi female after 38 days at mean greenhouse temperatures of 17° to 23 °C. Temperature influence on reproduction showed that higher temperatures generally lead to more reproductive actions. No reproduction was observed at temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius. Fertilized females go on reproducing for six months without further fertilization In chrysanthemum leaves, the female lays about 25-30 eggs in a compact group. These eggs hatch in 3–4 days and the juveniles take 9–10 days to reach maturity. The total life cycle takes 10–13 days In susceptible varieties of Chrysanthemum, the female remains in one place within the leaf as it feeds on adjacent cells and continuously lays eggs. In resistant varieties, the female moves through the leaf laying only a few eggs as it goes meat beater. Few, if any of the juveniles make it to maturity. Like many other plant parasitic nematodes, A. ritzemabosi has the ability to reproduce on fungal tissue, suggesting that soil fungus may contribute to the nematode’s survival when no host is available. Laboratory tests have shown that Botrytis cinerea and many Rhizoctonia species of fungi are more conducive to A. ritzeambosi growth and reproduction. These fungi are used to culture and propagate other Aphelenchid species as well.

In adult females, the eggs can be seen developing inside their bodies before they are deposited to hatch. If an adult female is cut off from a reliable supply of food it has been observed that the egg will disappear from view, evidently being aborted and reabsorbed by the female.

A.ritzeambosi has a very wide range. In the US, its distribution is restricted to California, Colorado, Florida, and Wyoming. It is widespread in Mexico. It is also present but restricted in Asia, including many provinces of China, Japan, Iran, and India. It is also present throughout Europe from Portugal to Siberia; it was once present in Denmark but has been eradicated. It is widespread in South Africa, and the Canary Islands.

A. ritzemabosi is more commonly associated with temperate climates, even though it can be found in both tropical and temperate localities. It is best suited to thrive and reproduce when in highly humid environments, where it tends to be more active in infesting hosts than in dryer environments. the optimal temperature for reproduction is 17 °C-23 °C.

Infected leaves and plants should be removed and destroyed. Since this nematode relies on moisture to move up the plant and between plants, care should be taken to avoid periods of wetness. Drip irrigation is preferable over overhead spray irrigation for this reason. This nematode is susceptible to elevated temperatures. A hot water treatment at a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes of dormant plant materials such as bulbs, runners or cuttings intended for propagation can be used and is effective at eliminating most nematodes that may be infesting the plant material. Sanitation of equipment is also important to controlling the nematode. Pots potting soil waist pack with water bottle, and tools should be cleaned by baking or steaming at 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minuets. Care must be taken so that the temperatures needed to eliminate the infesting nematodes does not irrevocably harm the plant material. Parathion has proven to be a potent chemical control of A. ritzemabosi, especially in chrysanthemum.

The Bulb Mite, Rhizoglyphus echinopus, is a known predator of A. ritzemabosi and can serve in biological control practices.

Host-plant resistance is also used to control A. ritzemabosi. The following cultivars of Chrysanthemum are resistant to this pest: Amy Shoesmith, Delightful, Orange Beauty, and Orange Peach Blossom. These are listed as resistant but not immune. This implies that the plant may still be attacked by adult nematodes but reproduction is highly reduced if not prevented.

Infection of various plants by A. ritzemabosi is likely to cause some degree of yield loss to growers where the nematode is present since photosynthetic area of the leaves is damaged or destroyed as the nematodes feed and reproduce. However, this nematode is not considered to cause economic loss unless environmental conditions are very suitable.

In 1981, Crop losses from plant-parasitic nematodes in the USA were estimated by the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) at about $4.0 billion per year.

A. ritzeambosi causes substantial economic loss in basil crops in Italy as it infects the economically valuable portion of the plant.

A. ritzemabosi is a serious pest of strawberry in Ireland, where yield reductions up to 60% have been recorded. The crown weight of strawberry cv. Senga Sengana was reduced by 51% by A. ritzemabosi. This damage results in fruit yield loss of up to 65%. A. ritzemabosi infections can reduce the number of runners by up to 25-30%. The level of susceptibility varies among cultivars. An infection by A. ritzemabosi can cause average yield losses of an estimated 53.4% in the strawberry variety Korallovaya 100. The variety Yasna seems to be somewhat less susceptible to A. ritzemabosi than Korallovaya 100 or Muto. In Poland, A. ritzemabosi infestation destroyed 45% of chrysanthemum plants on a holding, and for the most susceptible varieties the number was as high as 92%.

This organism is a ‘C’ rated pest in the U.S. state of California, meaning that it is not subject to state enforcement outside of nurseries except to retard spread or to provide for pest cleanliness in nurseries. For a sense of how that relates to other plant pests, an ‘A’ rated pest is an organism of known economic importance subject to action enforced by the state (or County Agricultural Commissioner acting as a state agent) involving: eradication, quarantine regulation, containment, rejection, or other holding action such as Aphelenchoides besseyi (strawberry summer dwarf nematode).

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Palais Soleiman

18 mayo, 2017 (05:04) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Le Palais Soleiman est un palais situé à Marrakech au Maroc. Restaurant gastronomique, il accueille un large éventail d’évènements prestigieux.

L’histoire du Palais Soleiman est inséparable de celle du caïd El Ayyadi.

Puissant et fortuné, il fit construire une maison princière que les Marrakchi nommèrent aussitôt, d’après son nom, Dar el Ayyadi ou palais Soleiman. Inséré dans les anciens remparts de Marrakech, le Palais Soleiman est considéré comme un des grands témoignages de l’architecture civile de Marrakech. Il est l’œuvre des artisans de Fès et de Marrakech qui ont travaillé des années durant à sa construction et à son ornementation.

Le Palais connut son heure de gloire, la première, dans les années cinquante. Le caïd, qui aimait à s’entourer des plus fins lettrés de la ville metal bottle, avait dédié la plus grande partie de l’aile masculine de son palais à des causeries littéraires, à la célébration du beau langage et de la poésie. Le cénacle qu’il avait constitué autour d’un noyau d’amis, érudits et amoureux du bien-dire était réputé dans toute la ville.

En 1971, Mustapha Segueni, grand armateur, veille a garder le palais dans le giron marocain et l’achète, du moins l’une de ses ailes,, celle où le caïd tenait salon et organisait ses fêtes.

En 1972, ce riche armateur, dit Fafa, organise et lance le premier trophée de golf Hassan II. Mélomane, il se passionne pour l’organisation de concerts de musique classique qui accueilleront à Marrakech les plus grands interprètes (Katia Ricciarelli, Guy Touvron, Nadir Elie, Maria Joao Pires, Jean-Efflam Bavouzet, Gérard Lesne…). Il lance le premier festival de musique classique du Maroc, entièrement financé sur ses deniers personnels, et sans le secours d’aucun sponsor, qu’il baptise « Musiques au Sahara ».

Driss Segueni, fils de Mustapha Segueni reprend les clefs du Palais en 2004, et s’affaira pendant plus de 10 ans à rénover le Palais. Aujourd’hui le Palais Soleiman possède une architecture arabo-andalouse, et organise beaucoup de grandes réceptions.

Le Palais Soleiman, en partenariat avec l’Association des amis de la musique de Marrakech qu’animent conjointement Jean-Pierre Brossmann et Fabrizio Ruspoli, organise régulièrement des concerts de musique classique très appréciés de la communauté étrangère de la ville.

De très grands artistes familiers des grandes scènes d’Europe, d’Amérique et d’Asie se sont produits au Palais Soleiman. Parmi eux, l’Iranien Abbas Bakhtiar et l’ensemble Pouya, la cantatrice russe Ekaterina Lekhina, la grande soprano anglaise Dame Felicity Lott, le pianiste Bertrand Chamayou, triple lauréat des Victoires de la musique how to tenderize steak quickly, la soprano sud-coréenne Sumi Jo, la cantatrice Susan Graham, la pianiste Jacqueline Bourgès-Maunoury, le Quatuor à cordes Arpeggione.

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Cómo crear un calendario de la familia de tarea de limpieza

18 mayo, 2017 (03:32) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Mantener una casa limpia no es fácil en este mundo rapido – establecido el paso.Parece que siempre hay algo en que la lista de tareas mentales que tiene prioridad.Simplemente mantenerse organizado es suficiente de un trabajo para muchas personas.Si usted tiene el lujo de poder permitirse un servicio de limpieza regular, entonces usted puede dejar pasar algunas cosas aquí y allá porque saben que, en última instancia, tener cuidado, pero si estás en un presupuesto apretado, entonces cae en ti para seguir la pista de todo.
Hay un montón de tareas que van a mantener su casa limpia, y si vas en diez direcciones diferentes, es fácil descuidar algunas de estas zonas

Dior Hombres Zapatos De Cuero

Dior Blanco Azul Amarillo Hombres Zapatos De Cuero



.Crear un sistema organizado con la ayuda de una tarea calendario es una necesidad para las familias ocupadas.El calendario te ayudará a recordar todo lo que necesita ser hecho, y asignando tareas a tu esposo y niños, usted será capaz de compartir la carga de limpieza y mantener un seguimiento de quién es y no es tirando de su peso.Esto puede no ser un éxito instantáneo con tus hijos

Dior Bolsos de Mano

Dior Bandoleras Bolso de Mano LL 0904 Azul



, pero finalmente servirá de modelo para ellos acerca de cómo mantenerse organizado y eficiente.No esperar que gracias a corto plazo.Aqui estan algunas extremidades provechosas para como conseguir organizado y la mejor manera de repartir tareas a su reticente familia.

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Shanghai Japanese School

18 mayo, 2017 (02:54) | Sin categoría | By: admin

The Shanghai Japanese School (SJS) is a Japanese international school serving primary and junior high school levels in Shanghai. It has two campuses, one in Hongqiao and one in Pudong. The school’s teachers are Japanese citizens bpa free glass bottles. The school also has a senior high school component.

In April 1987, the school was founded as The Japanese Government General Consulate of Shanghai tenderizer for beef, Shanghai Japanese School The school has since changed its name to the current Shanghai Japanese School.

The Pudong campus (Japanese and Traditional Chinese: 浦東校, Simplified Chinese: 浦东校, Hepburn: Hotō/Pūton Kō, Pinyin: Pǔdōng Xiào), with 4 Black Runner Waist Pack,643 square metres (49,980 sq ft) of space, has 71 teachers and serves 1,079 students in the elementary and junior high school levels. The Hongqiao campus (Japanese and Traditional Chinese: 虹橋校, Simplified Chinese: 虹桥校, Hepburn: Honchao Kō, Pinyin: Hóngqiáo Xiào) in Minhang District, with 8,727 square metres (93 lemon squeeze easy a,940 sq ft) of space, has 61 teachers and 1,340 students in elementary school. The SJS Senior High School is located on the Pudong campus.

Mainland China-aligned Chinese international schools in Japan:


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18 mayo, 2017 (00:42) | Sin categoría | By: admin

CFOX-FM (identified on air and in print as CFOX) is a Canadian radio station in the Greater Vancouver region of British Columbia. It broadcasts at 99.3 MHz on the FM band with an effective radiated power of 75,000 watts from a transmitter on Mount Seymour in the District of North Vancouver. Studios are located in Downtown Vancouver, in the TD Tower. The station is owned by Corus Entertainment. CFOX has an alternative rock format, as it reports to Mediabase as a Canadian alternative rock station.

CFOX began broadcasting on October 15, 1964 on 99.3 MHz with 100,000 watts, under the call sign CKLG-FM (not to be confused with the new CKLG-FM in Vancouver on 96.9 MHz, a Jack FM station). Transmissions originally came from the south slope of Fromme Mountain in North Vancouver.

CKLG-FM initially began with an easy listening format, but in the fall of 1967, it started experimenting with rock music at night. In October that year, CKLG-FM program director Frank Callaghan hired record store owner Bill Reiter (who later went on to become part of the Dr. Bundolo’s Pandemonium Medicine Show comedy troupe) to host the jazz/blues program Groovin’ Blue on Saturday evenings. CKLG-FM soon shifted to become Canada’s first full-time FM rock music station on March 16, 1968, with the expansion of Groovin’ Blue to six nights a week and the addition of tracks from rock, folk and popular albums. In 1970, CKLG-FM added a two-hour daily talk show hosted by Allen Garr, which ran on the station until 1975. By 1973, CKLG-FM had compiled a library of 3000 albums, and all its programming was aired live except on Sunday mornings, with special programming on the station including the Allen Garr talk show best reusable water bottle with filter, live concerts and a Saturday sock-hop program reusable metal water bottle. In 1976, under the guidance of new program director Roy Hennessy (a former morning host on CKLG-AM), the FM station made the gradual transition to a progressive rock format.

At noon on January 6, 1979, CKLG-FM changed to CFOX, a call sign first used by a defunct AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec in the 1960s and 1970s. The switch was marked by The Beatles song “The End”, followed by “The End” by The Doors, concluding with three minutes of the sound of a scratching record commonly referred to as “playing the label”. The first song on the “new” CFOX was Steely Dan’s “FM (No Static at All)”.

In 1984, CFOX moved its transmitter to the Rogers Broadcast multiplex on nearby Mount Seymour in order to reduce multipath reception problems.

On August 20, 1992, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved the sale of CFOX and CKLG from Moffat Communications Ltd. to Shaw Communications. This was part of Moffat’s sale of its radio division. Transfer of CKLG/CFOX to Shaw was completed on September 1, 1992. Shaw’s broadcasting division became Corus Entertainment in 1999. When Western International Communications, owner of classic rocker CFMI, sold its radio stations to Corus in 2000, CFOX shifted from album oriented rock to alternative rock, aiming at Rogers’ former alternative rocker 104.9 Xfm (CKVX-FM 104.9), which signed on December 31, 1999.

In 1998, the station received approval to add a transmitter at Whistler, British Columbia to operate on the frequency 92.3 MHz with the callsign CFOX-FM-1.

Rogers changed CKVX from alternative rock to a smooth jazz/adult contemporary hybrid as CKCL on December 26, 2003, making CFOX the lone alternative rocker in Vancouver. CFOX soon returned to an active rock format, mixing in classic hard rock and heavy metal music, but continues to lean alternative rock. Most alternative songs were toned down when CKPK-FM signed on in 2008. By 2011, the station returned to alternative. On July 14, 2011, the CRTC approved Corus’s application to increase the average effective radiated power (ERP) from 35,200 to 51,000 watts (maximum ERP from 75,000 to 100,000 watts).

Every year since 1979, there has been a competition through voting, live events and a concert with the finalists at the Commodore Ballroom and radio air play on CFOX of unsigned local bands that have entered to compete for that year. It is narrowed down to a few winners and one Platinum winner. Prizes include cars, support, agency, management, recording guidance and other items which can be instrumental to a Bands career like the ones below.

Notable Winners: Nickelback, Bif Naked, Matthew Good Band, Gob, Murray Atkinson (2007), Default, Faber Drive (2005), Theory Of A Deadman, State Of Shock, Incura (2008), Goodbye Beatdown (2009), Stars of Boulevard (2010), Head Of The Herd (2011), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (2011), FIELDS OF GREEN (2012)

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Al Barr

17 mayo, 2017 (22:27) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Alexander Martin “Al” Barr (* 12. September 1968 in Hanover, New Hampshire) ist ein US-amerikanischer Sänger und Frontmann der Dropkick Murphys.

Seine erste Band nannte sich D.V.A. (Direct Vole Assault). Zusammen mit späteren Mitgliedern von Scissorfight, The Radicts, L.E.S. Stitches, und U.S. Bombs gründete er die Band 5 Balls of Power. Anschließend war er Mitbegründer und Sänger der Bruisers football shirts kids, einer in den Staaten bekannten Streetpunk/ Oi bottled water for toddlers!- Band. Diese trat häufig mit den Dropkick Murphys aus Boston auf, und als deren Frontsänger, Mike McColgan, die Band verließ, nahm Barr kurzerhand dessen Posten ein. Das erste Album, welches die Murphys zusammen mit Barr produzierten, war das 1999 erschienene The Gang’s All Here.

Anders als die anderen Mitglieder der Band, die allesamt irische Wurzeln haben, ist Barrs Vater aus Schottland und seine Mutter eine Deutsche. Er spricht zudem auch deutsch und nutzt dies für Ansagen während Konzerten im deutschsprachigen Raum. Er hat einen Sohn mit dem Namen Strummer, den er nach dem britischen Punkrockmusiker Joe Strummer benannte.

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EM på skøyter 1937, herrer

17 mayo, 2017 (20:10) | Sin categoría | By: admin

EM på skøyter 1937, herrer ble avholdt på Eisstadion Davos den 30. til 31. januar. Tittelforsvarer var nordmannen Ivar Ballangrud, som i 1936 vant EM på Frogner stadion, Oslo og Michael Staksrud, Norge ble euromester. I årene fra 1936 til og med 1948 kunne ikke-europeiske utøvere som var medlem av europeiske skøyteklubber delta i mesterskapet.

1891 : Hamburg  • 1892 : Wien  • 1946 : Trondheim Ø.

Berlin 1893  • Hamar 1894  • Budapest 1895  • Hamburg 1896  • Amsterdam 1897  • Helsingfors 1898  • Davos 1899  • Štrbské Pleso 1900  • Trondheim 1901  • Davos 1902  • Kristiania (tidligere og senere Oslo) 1903  • Davos 1904  • Stockholm 1905  • Davos 1906  • Davos 1907  • Klagenfurt 1908  • Budapest 1909  • Viborg 1910  • Hamar 1911  • Stockholm 1912  • St. Petersburg 1913  • Berlin 1914  • 19151921: Ikke arrangert  • Helsingfors 1922  • Hamar 1923  • Kristiania (tidligere og senere Oslo) 1924  • St. Moritz 1925  • Chamonix 1926  • Stockholm 1927  • Oslo 1928  • Davos 1929  • Nidaros (tidligere og senere Trondheim) 1930  • Stockholm 1931  • Davos 1932  • Viborg 1933  • Hamar 1934  • Helsingfors 1935  • Oslo 1936  • Davos 1937  • Oslo 1938  • Riga 1939  • 19401945: Ikke arrangert  • Stockholm 1947  • Hamar 1948  • Davos 1949  • Helsingfors 1950  • Oslo 1951  • Östersund 1952  • Hamar 1953  • Davos 1954  • Falun 1955  • Helsingfors 1956  • Oslo 1957  • Eskilstuna 1958  • Göteborg 1959  • Oslo 1960  • Helsingfors 1961  • Oslo 1962  • Göteborg 1963  • Oslo 1964  • Göteborg 1965  • Deventer 1966  • Lahtis 1967  • Oslo 1968  • Inzell 1969  • Innsbruck 1970  • Heerenveen 1971  • Davos 1972  • Grenoble 1973  • Eskilstuna 1974  • Heerenveen 1975  • Oslo 1976  • Larvik 1977  • Oslo 1978  • Deventer 1979  • Trondheim 1980  • Deventer 1981  • Oslo 1982  • Den Haag 1983  • Larvik 1984  • Eskilstuna 1985  • Oslo 1986  • Trondheim 1987  • Den Haag 1988  • Göteborg 1989

1970 : Heerenveen  • 1971 : Leningrad  • 1972 : Inzell  • 1973 : Brandbu  • 1974 : Alma-Ata  • 19751980: Ikke arrangert  • 1981 : Heerenveen  • 1982 : Heerenveen  • 1983 : Heerenveen  • 1984 : Alma-Ata  • 1985 : Groningen  • 1986 : Geithus  • 1987 : Groningen  • 1988 : Kongsberg  • 1989 : Vest-Berlin

1990 : Heerenveen  • 1991 : Sarajevo  • 1992 : Heerenveen  • 1993 : Heerenveen  • 1994 : Hamar V.  • 1995 : Heerenveen  • 1996 : Heerenveen  • 1997 : Heerenveen  • 1998 : Helsingfors  • 1999 : Heerenveen  • 2000 : Hamar V.  • 2001 : Baselga di Pinè  • 2002 : Erfurt  • 2003 : Heerenveen  • 2004 : Heerenveen  • 2005 : Heerenveen &nbsp team soccer uniforms;• 2006 : Hamar V.  • 2007 : Collalbo  • 2008 : Kolomna  • 2009 : Heerenveen  • 2010 : Hamar V.  • 2011 : Collalbo  • 2012 : Budapest  • 2013 : Heerenveen  • 2014 : Hamar V.  • 2015 : Tsjeljabinsk  • 2016 : Minsk  •

2017 S/A : Heerenveen  • 2018 E : Kolomna  • 2019 S/A : Collalbo 

1891: Uavgjort/ingen mester kåret  • 1892: Franz Schilling  • 1946: Göthe Hedlund

1893: Rudolf Ericson  • 1894: Uavgjort/ingen mester kåret  • 1895: Alfred Næss  • 1896: Julius Seyler  • 1897: Julius Seyler  • 1898: Gustaf Estlander  • 1899: Peder Østlund  • 1900: Peder Østlund  • 1901: Rudolf Gundersen  • 1902: Johan Schwartz  • 1903: Uavgjort/ingen mester kåret  • 1904: Rudolf Gundersen  • 1905: Johan Vikander  • 1906: Rudolf Gundersen  • 1907: Moje Öholm  • 1908: Moje Öholm  • 1909: Oscar Mathisen  • 1910: Nikolaj Strunnikov  • 1911: Nikolaj Strunnikov  • 1912: Oscar Mathisen  • 1913: Vasilij Ippolitov  • 1914: Oscar Mathisen  • 19151921: Ikke arrangert  • 1922: Clas Thunberg  • 1923: Harald Strøm  • 1924: Roald Larsen  • 1925: Otto Polacsek  • 1926: Julius Skutnabb  • 1927: Bernt Evensen  • 1928: Clas Thunberg  • 1929: Ivar Ballangrud  • 1930: Ivar Ballangrud  • 1931: Clas Thunberg  • 1932: Clas Thunberg  • 1933: Ivar Ballangrud  • 1934: Michael Staksrud  • 1935: Karl Wazulek  • 1936: Ivar Ballangrud  • 1937: Michael Staksrud  • 1938: Charles Mathiesen  • 1939: Alfons Bērziņš  • 19401945: Ikke arrangert  • 1947: Åke Seyffarth  • 1948: Reidar Liaklev  • 1949: Sverre Farstad  • 1950: Hjalmar Andersen  • 1951: Hjalmar Andersen  • 1952: Hjalmar Andersen  • 1953: Kees Broekman  • 1954: Boris Sjilkov  • 1955: Sigge Ericsson  • 1956: Jevgenij Grisjin  • 1957: Oleg Gontsjarenko  • 1958: Oleg Gontsjarenko  • 1959: Knut Johannesen  • 1960: Knut Johannesen  • 1961: Viktor Kositsjkin  • 1962: Robert Merkulov  • 1963: Nils Aaness  • 1964: Ants Antson  • 1965: Eduard Matusevitsj  • 1966: Ard Schenk  • 1967: Kees Verkerk  • 1968: Fred Anton Maier  • 1969: Dag Fornæss  • 1970: Ard Schenk  • 1971: Dag Fornæss  • 1972: Ard Schenk  • 1973: Göran Claeson  • 1974: Göran Claeson  • 1975: Sten Stensen  • 1976: Kay Arne Stenshjemmet  • 1977: Jan Egil Storholt  • 1978: Sergej Martsjuk  • 1979: Jan Egil Storholt  • 1980: Kay Arne Stenshjemmet  • 1981: Amund Sjøbrend  • 1982: Tomas Gustafson  • 1983: Hilbert van der Duim  • 1984: Hilbert van der Duim  • 1985: Hein Vergeer  • 1986: Hein Vergeer  • 1987: Nikolaj Guljajev  • 1988: Tomas Gustafson  • 1989: Leo Visser  • 1990: Bart Veldkamp  • 1991: Johann Olav Koss  • 1992: Falko Zandstra  • 1993: Falko Zandstra  • 1994: Rintje Ritsma  • 1995: Rintje Ritsma  • 1996: Rintje Ritsma  • 1997: Ids Postma  • 1998: Rintje Ritsma  • 1999: Rintje Ritsma  • 2000: Rintje Ritsma  • 2001: Dmitrij Sjepel  • 2002: Jochem Uytdehaage  • 2003: Gianni Romme  • 2004: Mark Tuitert  • 2005: Jochem Uytdehaage  • 2006: Enrico Fabris  • 2007: Sven Kramer  • 2008: Sven Kramer  • 2009: Sven Kramer&nbsp water bottle with straw; • 2010: Sven Kramer  • 2011: Ivan Skobrev  • 2012: Sven Kramer  • 2013: Sven Kramer  • 2014: Jan Blokhuijsen  • 2015: Sven Kramer  • 2016: Sven Kramer

2017: Sven Kramer  • 2019: TBD  • 2021: TBD

2017: Kai Verbij  • 2019: TBD  • 2021: TBD

2018: TBD  • 2020: TBD

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Friedrich von Wieser

17 mayo, 2017 (17:54) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Friedrich Freiherr von Wieser (født 10. juli 1851 i Wien, død 22. juli 1926 i St. Gilgen ved Salzburg) var en østerriksk økonom og sosiolog. Sammen med Carl Menger og Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk gjelder han som grunnlegger av den østerrikske skole.

Frédéric Bastiat • Joseph Schumpeter • G.L.S. Shackle • Max Weber • Knut Wicksell

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk • Friedrich Hayek • Carl Menger • Ludwig von Mises • Friedrich von Wieser

Peter Boettke • Bruce Caldwell • Richard Ebeling • Robert Higgs&nbsp discount football uniforms;• Hans-Hermann Hoppe • Murray N. Rothbard • Joseph T. Salerno

Benjamin Anderson • William A. Barnett • Frank Fetter • Roger Garrison • Henry Hazlitt • Trygve J

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. B. Hoff • Steven Horwitz&nbsp where can i buy basketball jerseys;• Jesús Huerta de Soto • Ludwig Lachmann • George Selgin • Hans Sennholz • Mark Skousen • Lawrence White

Walter Block • Gene Callahan • Randall Holcombe • Israel Kirzner • Peter Leeson • Fritz Machlup • Robert P. Murphy

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