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Liste der brasilianischen Botschafter in Mauretanien

22 febrero, 2017 (01:26) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Die Botschaft befindet sich in Avenue Moktar Ould Daddah RE nº 502 in Nouakchott.

Die Regierung von Juscelino Kubitschek erkannte die Unabhängigkeit der Regierung von Moktar Ould Daddah am 28. November 1960 an. Die beiden Regierungen nahmen 1961 diplomatische Beziehungen auf. Bis 5. Juli 2010 war die Residenz des Botschafters in Mauretanien regelmäßig in Dakar.

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21 febrero, 2017 (23:12) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Новолуко́мль — город в Чашникском районе Витебской области Белоруссии. Расположен на южном берегу озера Лукомское в 23 км к югу от города Чашники funtainer drink bottle. Население — 13 039 человек (на 1 января 2016 года).

Возник в 1964 году с началом строительства Лукомльской ГРЭС как пос shaver replacement parts. Пионерный

Brazil Home Jerseys

Brazil Home Jerseys




С 31 декабря 1965 года — городской посёлок. С 31 июля 1970 года — присвоен статус города.

Экологическая ситуация в городе неблагоприятна. По числу выбрасываемых в окружающую среду вредных веществ город занимает четвёртое место в республике (8 тыс. тонн)[источник не указан 319 дней]. Количество вредных веществ в расчете на одного жителя составляет 1385 кг в год, и этот показатель является самым высоким в республике[источник не указан 319 дней]. Лукомльская ГРЭС — самый большой источник загрязнения атмосферы и воды.

В 2014 году была введена в эксплуатацию парогазовая установка, которая заменяет 2-3 энергоблока ЛГРЭС и тем самым позволяет снизить загрязнение воздуха how to tenderize meat without a mallet. Жителями города производится массовое озеленение территорий. В апреле 2013 года в районе начали работать над проектами, направленными на улучшение экологической обстановки и сохранение окружающей среды. Для внедрения инвестиционного проекта Чашникскому району выделен грант на 50 тысяч евро.

В городе функционируют следующие предприятия:

Витебск | Барань | Браслав | Верхнедвинск | Глубокое | Городок | Дисна | Докшицы | Дубровно | Лепель | Лиозно | Миоры | Новолукомль | Новополоцк | Орша | Полоцк | Поставы | Сенно | Толочин | Чашники

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HTC 7 Surround

21 febrero, 2017 (20:56) | Sin categoría | By: admin

The HTC 7 Surround (also known as the HTC Surround and HTC T8788) is a smartphone created by HTC running on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The HTC Surround launched on November 8, 2010 on AT&T.

The Surround was released on November 8, 2010. Initial sales data has not been reported yet.

The HTC Surround, like its European cousin, the HTC Mozart, was one of the first phones to use the Windows Phone 7 OS. Its main feature is its slide-out speaker, which also reveals a kick stand. It is based on the Nexus One.

The HTC Surround uses a modest 3.8&nbsp football uniforms;inch WVGA LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It can produce up to 16 million colors. The display is designed to be used with a bare finger or multiple fingers at one time for multi-touch sensing.

The Surround has 6 hardware buttons: 3 physical and 3 touch. It has a dedicated power button, camera button, and a volume rocker. The device also has a back button, a home button and a search button. The back button takes the user back to the previous application or screen. The home button brings the user to the home screen. The search button opens up a Bing search screen.

The device contains a GPS chip to show the location of the phone, a proximity sensor to turn the screen off during phone calls so that the face doesn’t accidentally click the screen, a G-sensor, an ambient light sensor to dim the light in dark rooms and increase the brightness in direct sunlight, and a digital compass.

The Surround uses a 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon Chipset. It features 512 MB of ROM and 448 MB of RAM best way to tenderize beef.

The surround comes with a 5-megapixel camera with built-in auto focus and flash located on the rear of the phone. The camera can also shoot in 720p HD at 24 frames per second.

As is with most other Windows Phone phones, the HTC Surround does not support external memory officially. The phone comes with 16 GB of memory: in the form of a 16 GB internal MicroSD card. The internal MicroSD card can be removed and replaced with a bigger one, though.

Audio is undoubtedly the most distinguishing aspect of the HTC Surround. When the phone is slid open, the Dolby powered speakers are shown. Most people have been underwhelmed with the speakers stating that “The overall volume of the speakers was enough to fill a small room, but not ‘take the party to another level,’ as HTC claims on its website.” Engadget writes that “there’s a lot of promise here, but unless the phone delivers the extra size and weight simply won’t be worth it. Unfortunately, we’re here to report what does lemon squeeze mean… that they’re simply not worth it.”

The device runs on AT&T’s 3G network. It also offers WiFi as another means on connection to the internet. The phone comes with built-in Bluetooth 2.1 and a MicroUSB slot to plug in a MicroUSB to USB wire which can be used to connect the device to the computer or to the wall charger. WiFi tethering, initially not supported, has been added with Windows Phone 7.5 but AT&amp the best water bottles to buy;T has yet to push the firmware update from HTC.

The Surround comes with a 1230mAh battery is user-replaceable by removing the back cover. The average talk and standby time are 4.16 and 255 hours respectively.

The device, shipped with Windows Phone 7 as its operating system, was updated in September 2011 to Windows Phone 7.5 codename Mango. It has a number of HTC exclusive apps available.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine

21 febrero, 2017 (18:42) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Si vous disposez d’ouvrages ou d’articles de référence ou si vous connaissez des sites web de qualité traitant du thème abordé ici, merci de compléter l’article en donnant les références utiles à sa vérifiabilité et en les liant à la section « Notes et références » (, comment ajouter mes sources ?).

Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) (voir l’aide à la rédaction).

The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine est le premier add-on développé par Bethesda Softworks pour The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion sorti le .

Knights of the Nine ajoute au jeu les huit petits mods payants que Bethesda Softworks a auparavant rendus disponibles sur le site officiel de la série. En plus de ces mods, une nouvelle faction que le joueur peut rejoindre, les Chevaliers des Neuf, fait son apparition. Cette extension est également censée en apprendre davantage sur les Ayléïdes.

Il est disponible sur PC ou XBox 360 dans le commerce ou en ligne. Sur PlayStation 3, l’extension est intégrée au jeu.

Cette compilation apporte, en plus des mods payants, une quête supplémentaire, celle des Chevaliers des Neuf. Celle-ci est divisée en plusieurs petites quêtes durant lesquelles le personnage doit réunir les reliques du Divin Croisé afin de combattre Umaril.

La quête débute à Anvil lorsque le personnage parle avec le Prophète qui se trouve face à la chapelle de la ville. Celui-ci lui confie une carte où sont indiquées les pierres des neuf dieux de Cyrodill auxquelles le personnage doit prier sells football gloves. Une fois ce pèlerinage effectué – pèlerinage qui remet à zéro la réputation d’un personnage-joueur mauvais, rendant plus crédible sa conversion en croisé vertueux -, une vision du Divin Croisé, Pélinal Blancserpent, lui indique le sanctuaire que lui ont consacré ses chevaliers et dans lequel le joueur doit se rendre. Les découvertes lui permettent de trouver le Prieuré des Neuf et débute alors la quête des différentes pièces d’équipement qui constituent l’armure et les armes du Divin Croisé. Une fois qu’elles sont réunies, le personnage et ses huit chevaliers vont défier Umaril english football shirts.

Cet add-on a été mal perçu, tant par les critiques que par le joueurs crew socks wholesale. Il fut considéré comme linéaire, notamment durant les quête de l’armure du Croisé, et sans intérêt notable pour la poursuite de l’histoire de l’univers des Elder Scrolls. Les plug-ins intégrés à l’extension furent considérés pour la plupart comme étant de nouvelles facilités dans le jeu wholesale elite socks, dénaturant un gameplay propice à l’évolution longue d’un personnage.

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(2704) Джулиан Лёве

21 febrero, 2017 (16:28) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Элеанора Хелин
Шелте Бас


25 июня 1979

1979 MR4; 1956 GK;
1978 ER2; 1978 GF1

Главное кольцо


356 buy football jerseys,827 млн км
(2,38524 а. е metal meat tenderizer.)

322,682 млн км
(2,157 а. е.)

390,972 млн км
(2,61348 а. е.)

1345,54 сут (3 methods of tenderizing meat,684 г.)

19,241 км/с

4,518 °

207,425 °

252,897 °

46,847 °

614 км



(2704) Джулиан Лёве (англ. Julian Loewe) — астероид из группы главного пояса. Был открыт 25 июня 1979 года двумя американскими астрономами Элеанорой Хелин и Шелте Басом в обсерватории Сайдинг-Спринг и назван в честь журналиста Джулиан Лёве

New Yorkbulls Away HENRY 14 Jerseys

New Yorkbulls Away HENRY 14 Jerseys




Церера Плутон Хаумеа Макемаке Эрида Кандидаты: Седна Орк Квавар 2007 OR10 2002 MS4

Ганимед Титан Каллисто • Ио • Луна • Европа Тритон • Титания • Рея • Оберон Япет • Харон Ариэль • Умбриэль Диона • Тефия Энцелад • Миранда Протей • Мимас Нереида

Земли / ∅ • Марса • Юпитера / ∅ • Сатурна / ∅ • Урана / ∅ Нептуна / ∅ • Плутона / ∅ • Хаумеа Макемаке Эриды Кандидаты: Орка Квавара

(2) Паллада • (3) Юнона • (4) Веста • (5) Астрея • (6) Геба • (7) Ирида • (8) Флора • (9) Метида • (10) Гигея • (11) Парфенопа

метеороиды • астероиды / их спутники (околоземные · основного пояса · троянские · кентавры) • транснептуновые (пояс Койпера (плутино · кьюбивано) · рассеянный диск) • дамоклоиды • кометы (облако Оорта)

искусственные спутники Земли • межпланетные космические аппараты

Вулкан и вулканоиды • спутник Меркурия • спутники Венеры другие спутники Земли Противоземля (Глория) • бывшие планеты Тейя, Фаэтон или Планета V • Пятый газовый гигант • Девятая планета, Тюхе, Планета X и другие транснептуновые планеты • Немезида

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* La cuarta planta de Audi.

21 febrero, 2017 (16:28) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Antes de Audi se hizo conocida por sus coches de lujo y coches de lujo, sólo fue un pequeño fabricante de automoviles aleman que hace peculiar cajas que pasó a tener un increíble 4WD sistema conocido como Quattro.Volkswagen recogio Audi y salvado, entonces Volkswagen evitó su propio colapso financiero, y un par de décadas más tarde, tenemos aturdidores como el Audi R8.No es un mal retorno, considerando todas las cosas.Pero parece que Audi es el picor para mostrar sus coches todavía tienen algunos de los viejos de espíritu, y la nueva tecnología para hacerlo mejor que nunca antes.El Audi Quattro de Audi Nanuk fue presentado en casa, en el Salón del automóvil de Frankfurt en septiembre de 2013.Fue una sorpresa revelar – – la mayoría de los periodistas y expertos de la industria no se esperaba un aún desconocido Audi, especialmente no que parece que el Audi R8 Supercar apareado con un Audi coche de rally de los años 80. Entonces el Nanuk Quattro, sentado en el piso del salon de muestras

Dior Negro Gris Hombres Zapatos De Cuero

Dior Negro Gris Hombres Zapatos De Cuero



, brillante y rojo, agachado sobre sus enormes ruedas, generado un montón de atención.Aunque resulta que muchos de los asistentes había visto el coche antes, aunque de una forma diferente.
El Nanuk quattro es un concept car, que significa que sus posibilidades de llegar a producción, que esta siendo construido y vendido – – son más bien escasas.A saber, el Nanuk quattro está repleto de características que muestran la capacidad de diseño de Audi realmente deseable un coche (o en este caso, socio de una empresa que puede).Mostrando el coche en Frankfurt tenemos Audi mucha atención, incluso si no es un coche que podría vender en grandes cantidades.Es un Audi Coupe / SUV que ha sido bautizado como un crossover de la falta de una forma mejor de explicarlo – – aunque sería derrotar a todos los demás vehículos que llamamos crossovers.Será tu sangre batiendo, y si alguna vez hace a la Audi dealership lots, probablemente será marcado en Eye popping Lamborghini precios.¿Así que por qué molestarse para construir y mostrar el Nanuk Quattro en todos?Se dibujó una gran multitud a Audi es mostrar el piso, pero eso solo no justifican la inversión.La mayoría de coches de concepto tienen historias interesantes, y el Nanuk Quattro no es la excepción.

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Minco, Oklahoma

21 febrero, 2017 (14:11) | Sin categoría | By: admin

Minco is a city in Grady County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 1,632 at the 2010 census.

The town was originally included in the Chickasaw Nation, and is believed to be named after the great Chickasaw chief and warrior Itawamba Minco, who later acquired the name of Levi Colbert, who resided on Chickasaw land in Mississippi near Cotton Gin Port. Minco was originally settled sometime around 1890, several years before Oklahoma achieved statehood. In its early stages it was a very busy town because of its location at the end of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad until the railroad was extended further south two years later. Charles B sweater lint remover. Campbell owned the occupancy rights of the land that the town was built on. His wife was Miss Maggie (Margaret) Williams, a daughter of W. G. (Caddo Bill) Williams, owner of the Half Moon Ranch, who started Silver City in 1872 by building a trading store for those cattlemen driving their herds of cattle up the Chisholm Trail.

Before the establishment of Minco as a town, three major expeditions passed through the area. The first expedition was conducted by Captain Randolph Marcy in 1849. Marcy was ordered to escort 1,500 individuals headed to the California gold fields. When the expedition approached the Minco area they kept to the south side of Buggy Creek, which Marcy named “Deer Creek”. Marcy named his route the Fort Smith to Santa Fe Trail. Interestingly enough there was a road established in 1839-1840 on the north side of the Canadian River that was also named the Fort Smith to Santa Fe Trail. This road had been laid out by Josiah Gregg, a Santa Fe merchant who had connections with merchants in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

During the summer of 1853 the first railroad survey was conducted from Fort Smith to Los Angeles by Lt. Amiel Weeks Whipple. Whipple’s survey followed Marcy’s route from Fort Smith until they reached the Caddo County Buttes. At that point the expedition moved westward, whereas Marcy had turned north to join the Fort Smith to Santa Fe Trail not far north of Hydro, Oklahoma. Whipple continued westward, leaving Oklahoma just west of the Antelope Hills in Roger Mills County.

The Rock Island Railroad Co.’s original purpose in extending the railroad to Minco was to provide a gateway for the shipping of cattle from the grazing lands of the Chickasaw Nation, just to the south of the town. On August 4, 1901, the Chickasaw Nation’s land was opened to white settlement, in turn making Minco a railroad hub for the entire region.

On October 14, 1901, local citizens formed a company for the purpose of selling vacant lots in the town to encourage settlement. It was known as the Minco Townsite and Investment Company.

The town was originally composed mainly of merchants who provided supplies for the many travelers that used the railroad infrastructure of the town. It is the oldest town in the western part of Oklahoma, so its many businesses served residents for many miles around. In fact, the hardware store and tin shop originally opened by Kirk Woodworth in 1891 is still in existence. The remains of some of the hotels that were used by the many temporary residents also still stand along its Main Street.

In September 1894 Meta Chestnutt, a teacher from North Carolina who was determined to bring education to the frontier (specifically Native Americans), along with the services of J.H. Bond, established the El Meta Bond College, one of the first of its kind in the area. The college offered elementary, grammar, and high school courses along with some music and drama courses. Having faced economic troubles for the whole of its existence, it was eventually decommissioned in 1920 due to decreasing enrollment since the arrival of newer educational institutions that came with statehood. After the demolition of the old school building a modern masonry armory was constructed in 1936 and today serves as a community gathering center. A community park occupies part of the old campus. In this park there is a plaque commemorating Meta Chestnutt and her contributions to the school.

The first municipal natural gas company in Oklahoma was founded in Minco in 1960 by James Burton Branum, Jr, operated along with the Minco Tag Agency from an office in the back of what was then Branum’s Variety Store on Main street.

In 2007 the Minco Historical Society established a museum to exhibit the numerous historical facts associated with the town.

Minco currently has two weekly newspapers. The Minco Millennium is located on the corner of Main Street and Highway 81 and has been publishing every week since the summer of 1998. The Minco-Union City Times is an award-winning newspaper that serves Minco and Union City.

Minco’s earlier newspapers and years of publication since origin are as follows:

Microfilm copies of these papers are available at the Oklahoma Historical Society building, south of the state capital, on the second floor.

Construction began on a series of windfarms near Minco, named Minco I, Minco II, and Minco III, in 2012. As of 2017, the windfarms generate 300 megawatts of electricity, some of which is used to power Google’s Mayes County, Oklahoma facility.

Minco is located in northern Grady County at (35.315552, -97.945698). The city limits extend north to the Canadian River, which serves as the border with Canadian County. U.S how do i tenderize steak. Route 81 passes through the center of town, leading north 16 miles (26 km) to El Reno and south 19 miles (31 km) to Chickasha, the Grady County seat. Oklahoma State Highway 37 leads east from the center of Minco 8 miles (13 km) to Tuttle and west from the northern part of Minco 10 miles (16 km) to Cogar. Oklahoma City is 35 miles (56 km) to the northeast of Minco.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 12.3 square miles (31.9 km2), of which 12.3 square miles (31.8 km2) is land and 0.04 square miles (0.1&nbsp best clothes shaver;km2), or 0.28%, is water.

A sign at the city limits reads, “Welcome to Minco, The Land of Milk and Honey”. It is based on the town having a large number of dairy farmers and Oklahoma’s largest beekeeping company, Gibson-Ross Clover Bloom Honey. Every first Saturday of December the town brings in thousands of tourists to the Christmas Honey Festival. Jim Ross, owner of the Ross Honey Company, gives tours all day and shows the entire honey production process.

A musical tour of the town by comic Lucas Ross can be seen here.

As of the census of 2000, there were 1,672 people, 658 households, and 467 families residing in the city. The population density was 136.5 people per square mile (52.7/km²). There were 714 housing units at an average density of 58.3 per square mile (22.5/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 91.99% White, 0.06% African American, 3.11% Native American, 0.06% Asian, 2.33% from other races, and 2.45% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.47% of the population.

There were 658 households out of which 36.3% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 59.7% were married couples living together, 7.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 28.9% were non-families. 27.1% of all households were made up of individuals and 16.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.54 and the average family size was 3.07.

In the city marinade to tenderise beef, the population was spread out with 29.1% under the age of 18, 7.8% from 18 to 24, 26.8% from 25 to 44, 20.7% from 45 to 64, and 15.7% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 36 years. For every 100 females there were 93.3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 92.5 males.

The median income for a household in the city was $31,098, and the median income for a family was $40,223. Males had a median income of $30,357 versus $22,426 for females. The per capita income for the city was $18,331. About 9.7% of families and 13.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 13.2% of those under age 18 and 22.3% of those age 65 or over.

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JBS Friboi

21 febrero, 2017 (11:54) | Sin categoría | By: admin

JBS-Friboi est la principale multinationale brésilienne de l’industrie agroalimentaire, qui représente environ un quart du marché mondial du bœuf. Elle distribue principalement des produits à base de viande (essentiellement du bœuf, du poulet et du porc), soit fraîches, soit réfrigérées. Elle est basée à São Paulo, mais fut fondée en 1953 à Annapolis, dans l’État de Goiás. JBS possède des usines notamment au Brésil, en Argentine, aux États-Unis et en Australie, et exporte vers près de 110 pays.

La société s’est imposée comme l’un des leaders mondiaux dans le secteur de la viande avec l’acquisition de plusieurs magasins et entreprises de l’agroalimentaires au Brésil et dans le monde. Elle a notamment mis l’accent sur les États-Unis, via l’acquisition en 2007, pour 225 millions de dollars de la firme américaine Swift & Company. Cette dernière était notamment le troisième producteur de viande porcine aux États-Unis. JBS est le leader mondial en termes de capacité d’abattage, avec 51 400 têtes par jour, et continue de se concentrer sur les opérations de production, de transformation et d’exportation, au niveau national et international.

Avec cette acquisition, JBS est entrée sur le marché du porc, permettant de devenir à la fin de l’année le troisième producteur et transformateur de ce type de viande aux États-Unis. L’acquisition a élargi le portefeuille de la société, via l’obtention des droits à travers le monde de la marque Swift.

L’année suivante, JBS acquiert Smithfield Foods, dans le segment de la viande bovine. L’entreprise a alors été rebaptisée JBS Packerland voss water glass bottle.

Le , JBS acquiert l’activité d’exploitation alimentaire de Grupo Bertin, l’un des trois leaders du marché brésilien, consolidant sa position de plus grand producteur de viande bovine dans le monde. Les banques JP Morgan Chase et Santander Brasil ont participé à la transaction. Le même jour, il a été annoncé que la compagnie avait acquis 64 % de Pilgrim’s Pride pour une offre de 2,8 milliards de dollars, renforçant la position de JBS dans la distribution de volaille. Cette participation est depuis passée à 67,2&nbsp le coq sportif outlet;%. La même année, la tentative de racheter National Beef, basé à Kansas City (Missouri), fut bloquée par les autorités américaines pour des raisons de concurrence.

En novembre 2014, JBS acquiert Primo Group, une entreprise spécialisée dans la production de jambon et de sauces en Australie et en Nouvelle-Zélande pour 1,25 milliard de dollars.

En juin 2015, JBS acquiert Moy Park, filiale britannique spécialisée dans l’aviculture du groupe Marfrig Global Foods, pour 1,2 milliard de dollars et une reprise de dette de 200 millions de dollars.

En juillet 2015, JBS fait une offre d’acquisition de 1,85 milliards de dollars sur les activités américaines d’élevage porcin de Cargill.

JBS est présente sur les cinq continents. Elle est principalement présente en Amérique Latine (Brésil, Mexique, Chili, Argentine, Paraguay, Uruguay), mais aussi en Europe (Angleterre, Russie, Italie) aux États-Unis ou encore en Chine. Les États-Unis sont d’ailleurs le premier pays du groupe en termes d’employés, avec plus de 54 000 employés (contre près de 45 000 au Brésil).

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Giovanni Battista Ciampoli

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Giovanni Battista Ciampoli (* 1589 in Florenz; † 1643 in Jesi, Marken) war ein italienischer Geistlicher und enger Freund von Galileo Galilei.

Ciampoli hatte nach seiner Ausbildung rasch Karriere gemacht und war in den Dienst des Vatikans getreten; Papst Gregor XV. ernannte ihn zum segretario dei brevi mutton tenderizer. Er begründete die Sapienza, die alte römische Universität, neu und wurde Mitglied der berühmten Accademia dei Lincei. Er holte Benedetto Castelli, einen Galilei-Schüler, an die Sapienza. Auch unter Papst Urban VIII. hatte er eine Vertrauensposition inne thermos sports, wurde zeitweise als Kardinalskandidat angesehen, fiel jedoch 1632 in Ungnade, da der Papst sich hintergangen fühlte (wegen des Falles Galilei oder wegen der spanischen Probleme). Ciampoli wurde nach Montalto delle Marche geschickt, wo er bis zu seinem Tod als Gouverneur tätig war.

Ciampoli ist bekannt geworden als langjähriger und treuer Freund von Galilei, den er bedingungslos verehrte. Er war der Mittelsmann, der den Herzog von Toskana über den Stand der Dinge im Falle des ersten Verfahrens (1615/16) gegen Galilei unterrichtete. Ciampoli – ein erklärter Gegner der Jesuiten – hatte wahrscheinlich auch seinen Einfluss geltend gemacht, als das Imprimatur für den Dialogo zu erteilen war. Möglicherweise war es seine Fehleinschätzung der Situation, die 1632 die Konfrontation zwischen Vatikan und Galilei eskalieren ließ.

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East of the Mountains

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East of the Mountains is a novel by American author David Guterson, first published in 1999, and in paperback in 2000. His second full novel, it marks something of a change of pace from the taut courtroom drama of Snow Falling on Cedars (1994), being primarily focused on the chance actions and introspective musings of its protagonist over the course of a few days.

Dr. Ben Givens is a 73-year-old retired Cardiothoracic surgeon and a widower, recently diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Still haunted by his experiences as a soldier in the war, and in mourning for Rachel, his late wife of some 50 years, Dr. Givens’s current life consists primarily of his family (a daughter and grandson), and occasional hunting trips. Although he hunted as a boy with his father and brother, he abandoned it after the war, only taking it up again upon Rachel’s death (he still uses his Father’s old Winchester shotgun). Aware that he is nearing the end of his life, he decides to set off from his home in Seattle for one last hunting trip, along with his two Brittany hunting dogs, Tristan and Rex

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, heading east across the mountains of Washington State back towards the orchard areas where he was born. His family does not, however, know of his cancer, and his intention during the trip is to commit suicide, shooting himself with his Father’s gun, staging it to look like an unfortunate accident which occurred whilst he was climbing over a fence; thus saving both himself and his family from the pain of a long, drawn-out death from cancer.

En route, however, Dr. Givens accidentally crashes his car, and although his only real injury is a swollen black eye, he is left without his planned mode of transportation. Deciding to continue with his trip, he is forced to make his way east by alternative means. Through a combination of hitchhiking, a long walk through the desert, a lift bought from a lorry driver, a Greyhound bus, and a rental car, he finally approaches his destination; but will the combined effect of the people he has met, the experiences he has undergone, the gains he has made, and the losses he has sustained during this journey be enough to make him reject his climactic plan?

The overarching theme of the novel is evidently the cycle of life and death, the interplay between the two, and the choice the individual can make to embrace one or the other. This is of course primarily highlighted in the main story of Ben’s intent to commit suicide; although death is inevitable (as his cancer makes clear), Ben is still faced with the question as to whether life is precious enough to be worth maintaining for as long as possible, or whether a quick death to avoid the inevitable hardships of life is preferable.

This theme is also explored in the two extended flashbacks found within the narrative. In the first disposable socks wholesale, the life element of Ben’s birth and childhood in an orchard environment (i.e. a place of new life) is contrasted with the death of his mother, and the killings performed by his Father whilst hunting. Similarly, in the second flashback (set during the war), the choice of Ben’s wife-to-be Rachel to become a nurse contrasts with Ben’s choice to enter the war as an active soldier. It is significant that the flashbacks culminate with Ben’s horror of killing a man in battle, and his admiration for the surgeon who saves his friend – an event which leads to his decision to follow Rachel’s advice and become a doctor.

As the flashbacks demonstrate, Rachel (and before her his mother) represent the force of life for Ben: it is only after Rachel’s death that he returns to hunting. During his journey, he meets several people with an optimistically positive outlook on life, and once again learns to appreciate its value. This is demonstrated by the lengths he goes to save his dog Rex, to provide medical care for an illegal Mexican immigrant, and finally to safely deliver a baby in an orchard (returning to the life affirmation which marked his own genesis). These steps he takes to save and preserve the lives of others will eventually lead him to a more positive realisation of the value of his own life.

On the opposite side, the choice of death could perhaps be represented by the figure of William Harden – a somewhat sadistic hunter who takes Ben’s gun after a fatal scuffle between their dogs. Harden arguably represents the extreme of what Ben, as a hunter, could become. Notably, the contempt in which Harden as a hunter, a figure of death, is held by those around him (including his own family) contrasts sharply with the esteem in which those same people hold Ben as a doctor, a figure of life. Ultimately, Ben chooses life, symbolised by his telling Harden that he can keep the gun:

East of the Mountains remains a beautifully imagined work, in which the landscape reflects both Ben’s desperation and his intermittent delight. And Guterson knows from the start what his protagonist learns in painful increments: that “a neat, uncomplicated end” doesn’t exist on either side of the mountains.” – James Marcus,

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